Bronx Law hosts Early Bird Regional Tournament!

Hi Everyone!  Our back to back weekend accomplishments of our Great Debaters continue!  After a awe-inspiring End of the Year Awards Ceremony last weekend, this weekend our debaters were back to what they do best – debating….. on next year’s topic!!!!  We hosted our first Early Bird Tournament to prepare our debaters for next season featuring workshops and a debate tournament!   And a huge shout out of good luck to all our teams competing at the Grand National Tournament this Friday-Monday!!!!  Good Luck!!!

While most students are ending the school year, our Great Debaters are preparing for next year!  We hosted our first Early Bird Tournament last weekend on next year’s debate topic on transportation infrastructure investment.  We had a fantastic program of workshops.  PS 278 Assistant Coach, Danny Choriki had a wonderful workshop “Introduction to Transportation Infrastructure”; Brooklyn Tech Coach, Adam Stevens taught a workshop on capitalism and critical debate; Ms. Diaz from the Jersey Urban Debate League, had a fantastic lesson on Hydrogen Transportation Reform as well as a great lesson on Cross Examination technique; and of course yours truly taught a Topic Introduction lesson and Starter Packet orientation.  Click here for our pictures!

But the biggest shout out goes to the debaters for attending, participating and competing!  Rhode Island Urban Debate League sent several teams including their State Champions.  Jersey Urban Debate League sent several teams.  And of course New York City Urban Debate League hosted and competed!  More shout outs to NYC schools joining us for the first time.  Achievement First competed for the first time and took home the majority of awards!  Shout out to Coach DiCo and her new Great Debaters at Achievement First!  Also shout outs to new debaters from Clinton High School, coached by Zully Rosas and shout outs to new debaters from Millennium Academy at the Stevenson Campus, coached by Jason Wagner, Ismita and Nancy!!!  It was fantastic to see all the new schools. Thank you also to Coach Nadia Kline of the Institute for Collaborative Education and congratulations to her middle school debaters going undefeated!  Also, shout outs to Columbia Secondary School for checking out their first debate!  Click here for our pictures!